How to use the leftover non-woven fabric scraps?

How to use the leftover non-woven fabric scraps?

In the process of non-woven fabric processing, often happen some of the rest of the non-woven scrap, most non-woven non-woven fabric production enterprises will these remaining leftover material as waste treatment, but in fact these processing the rest of the non-woven fabric leftover material can use up completely, after a simple processing and manufacturing can be made into various accessories, bags and plush toys.So how do you use the leftover non-woven fabric scraps?

Non-woven fabric scraps are one of the products left over from the production process. In addition to being recycled, they are sold to small food manufacturers to produce fillings for various accessories.Although they are scrap material, but pass serious processing, can become the product with good quality similarly to do not have fang Bu, but do not fang Bu scrap material, for example PP does not weave cloth scrap material, its price is lower than non-scrap material much, do not make fang Bu products with scrap material very economical.

Serve as the cloth without square of leftover makings, the material of replenish onstock is qualitative the price is low, but the product price that makes above says, is such profit space very big?Of course, some of the products of non-woven fabric requirements of high quality, can not be used as PP non-woven fabrics such as corners of the cloth produced outside!Therefore, the use of non - woven fabric scrap manufacturing a variety of products, such as environmentally friendly shopping bags, clothing lining, packaging lining cloth, etc.

Enterprise will rest a lot in the process of production processing and manufacturing non-woven scrap, these remaining lot of non-woven fabric leftover material actually lose very regrettable, actually can store the remaining leftover material in dry environment, needs in the future, then insert the non-woven fabric leftover material processed into a variety of objects such as lining cloth and bags.

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