Non-woven fabric for car interior

Non-woven fabric for car interior

In recent years, non-woven fabrics have been widely used in various aspects of industry, commerce, enterprises, and residents’ lives. Non-woven fabrics have the functions of water absorption, heat preservation and flame retardancy. Our household mops, kitchen wipes and dish cloths The inner lining for child seats, as well as shoes and hats, are all non-woven fabrics. Take black non-woven fabrics as an example to illustrate the use and development of non-woven fabrics:

non woven fabrics

Black non-woven fabrics are widely used in car interiors. This non-woven fabric has high needle punching requirements, dense needle punching, smoothness, sound insulation, and anti-flame resistance. It not only looks smooth in appearance, but also feels tight to the touch. This requires manufacturers to be very strict in production. Not only are the production masters proficient in technology, but also the manufacturers are required to have advanced machinery and equipment. Otherwise, the products produced are uneven, and the automotive interior non-woven fabrics require high technology and quality. , The non-woven fabric made can well reflect the situation of a non-woven fabric manufacturer's machinery and equipment, the technical proficiency of the master and the overall scale of the company.

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