PET polyester spunbond non-woven fabric product use and scope

PET polyester spunbond non-woven fabric product use and scope

1. Non-woven fabric for clothing

1). clothing, glove interlining 

2). shopping bag

3). flocking

2. Leather, non-woven fabric for shoe making

1). inner lining 

2). base cloth    

3). middle pad material

PET spun bond non woven fabrics

3. Household decoration, furniture non-woven fabric 

1). carpet and base fabric 

2). wall covering materials 

3). furniture decoration 

4). spring wrapping, isolation cloth 

5). bedding and curtains, curtains 

6). filter Cloth 

7). transfer printing 

8). napkin, table cloth, table cloth 

9). electric blanket 

10). modular wardrobe 

11). sun umbrella cloth

4. Non-woven fabrics for medical and health use 

1). tea bags, coffee bags 


5. Construction, civil engineering, water use non-woven fabric 

1). drainage plate filter cloth

2). anti-silt drainage pipe 

3). building waterproof material 

4). insulating cloth 

5). pipe wrapping 

Polyester non woven fabric

6. Non-woven filter material The cloth is used to filter air and oil.

7. Industrial non-woven fabric 

1). coated fabric 

2). cable covering fabric 

3). battery separator 

4). plastic reinforced fabric 

5). absorbent 

6). flame retardant fabric

non woven fabrics

8. Non-woven fabric for automobile industry

9. Non-woven fabric for packaging

10. Non-woven fabric for agriculture and horticulture 

1). thermal insulation cover    

2). seedling cloth

PET spun bond non woven fabrics

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