The difference and comparison between filament geotextile and short filament geotextile

The difference and comparison between filament geotextile and short filament geotextile

Short-filament geotextile is a kind of non-woven industrial fabric, which uses polyester crimped short fiber with a fiber denier of 6-12 denier and a length of 54-64mm as raw materials.

Through the process of opening, carding, messy (short fibers intertwined), laying (standardized entanglement and fixation), needle punching and other production processes of non-woven production equipment, it is made into a cloth shape. It is used in the reinforcement of railway subgrades, maintenance of road pavement, protection of sports halls, dams, isolation of hydraulic structures, tunnels, beaches, reclamation, and other projects.

The difference and comparison between filament and short-filament geotextile:

1). Appearance

The surface fiber of the filament geotextile is longer and the color is whiter, while the short fiber cloth is shorter and the color is slightly darker.

2). Raw materials and production process

The raw material for the production of filament geotextile is polyester chips, which are made by high-temperature melting and spinning into a net, needle punching, and reinforcement, while short-filament geotextiles are polyester fibers that are opened, carded, laid and needled by non-woven equipment. Production process such as thorns.

3). Price

The price of filament geotextile of the same weight is slightly higher than that of short-filament geotextile.

4). Product performance

Long-filament geotextiles are higher than short-filament geotextiles in terms of breaking strength, bursting strength, or other indicators.

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