What are the fertilization methods after laying grass-proof cloth in tea gardens?

1. Characteristics of tea garden grass-proof cloth:

Tea garden grass-proof cloth has high strength. Because it is woven radially and weft with plastic (PE or PP) flat yarns, it can maintain sufficient strength and elongation in wet and dry conditions. The PE or PP plastic material used in woven grass-proof cloth has corrosion resistance, and can be corrosion-resistant for a long time in soil and water of different pH; Performance; good anti-microbial properties, the microorganisms and insect pests in the tea garden will not cause damage to the grass-proof cloth; the tea garden grass-proof cloth is easy to construct.

Grass-proof cloth

2. Fertilization method after laying grass-proof cloth in tea garden:

(1) The method of laying grass-proof cloth in tea garden

The area between the tea rows is easy to produce weeds, and it is also the main area for weeding in the tea garden. A fixed-width weed-proof cloth is covered between the tea rows. Narrow weed-proof cloths are laid on both sides vertically below the canopy of the tea tree, which is beneficial to remove the weeds under the canopy and facilitate the growth of the tea tree.

(2) Fertilization method after laying grass-proof cloth in tea garden

When the grass-proof cloth is covered between the tea rows, the tea farmers can walk on the grass-proof cloth between the rows, open a trench vertically below the edge of the canopy, and apply the base fertilizer to the groove under the canopy, and cover the soil immediately after fertilization. When the anti-grass cloth is covered vertically below the tea tree crown, the anti-grass cloth can be temporarily uncovered by hand during fertilization, and then the anti-grass cloth is laid and fixed after fertilization. It is also possible to manually spread the fertilizer on the surface of the weed-proof cloth during irrigation or rain to prevent the fertilizer from sticking to the tea leaves and causing leaf burning.

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