What are the functions of lawn green non-woven fabrics?

What are the functions of lawn green non-woven fabrics?

The lawn greening non-woven fabric is a new generation of environmentally friendly materials, which has the advantages of anti-aging, anti-bacterial mildew, anti-flame retardant, breathable, thermal insulation, and environmental protection. The special non-woven fabric for lawn greening is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It degrades naturally within a certain period of time and does not need to be manually removed. The grass seeds and seedlings have a high survival rate, saving time and cost; the greening construction can be based on the terrain, temperature, humidity, and wind speed of different regions. , Light time and other external factors choose non-woven fabric specifications with different degradable periods.

1. Lawn greening non-woven fabric use:

1). Agricultural non-woven fabrics, crop protection cloths, seedling cloths, irrigation cloths, thermal screens, garden thermal insulation, flowers and plants thermal insulation, urban greening and anti-freezing products.

2). Protect newly planted seedlings from overwintering and coldness, suitable for windshield, hedges, color blocks and other plants.

3). Covering of exposed construction sites (to prevent dust), urban green spaces, golf courses, highway slope protection, slope protection on both sides of the railway, and grass spraying and planting on mountain rocks.

4). It is used for soil ball wrapping and mulching film when transplanting package trees and flowering shrubs.

2. Usage: 

In actual operation, cut the non-woven fabric to the required length according to the specific area of the ground, and lay it on the surface of the lawn bed. The four corners and the middle are inserted into the soil with U-shaped iron wires to fix it.

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