What is is a non-woven earthwork cloth?

What is a geotechnical cloth?

As the names implie, geotextiles are a synthetic fabric of geotechnical fabrics there are very very sly from the methods used to produce geotextiles and composite films. An to its production process, it can be divided into fabrics and no textiles. Usually we say that geotechnical cloth refers to re-post needle work Made of non-woven fabrics, in addition, there are cloth fabric s to fabric fabrics and woven fabrics and other woven earthen cloth, where woven cloth is commonly used by farmers friends of grass-controlled cloth, Weed cloth. Then y to the raw materials, non-woven fabric can be divided into into short needle non-woven and fabric long silk silk spinning Needle needle nonwovenfabric.


The function of the geotextile

Because the geotechnical fabric is a process of repeated needleing, it has a three-dimensional hole structure. We used to call it the equivalent aperture. The equivalent aperture of a short fiber cloth is usuallyThe equivalent aperture of the filament is in the range of 0.05 to 0.2mm. Its three-dimensional structure makes it have good permeability, so the actual user also callit it water-permeable cloth. Because it has good fracture strength, this refers to tension, so its main role is to strengthen and protect. In addition, it has the main function of permeable soil, which we call "reverse filtration". In summary, nonwovens are permeable, enhancing protection and anti-filtration functions.

As early as 1970s and 1980s, European geotechnical fabrics fabrics were reportedly widely used in various projects such as traffic s Roads, airport runways, sofes and ramps. With the rapid development of China's economy, "small cost, good effect" of geotechnical cloth has become the first for civil engineering in various fields of civil construction.

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