Which parts of the car need non-woven fabrics?

Which parts of the car need non-woven fabrics?

Which parts of the car need non-woven fabric? Non-woven products are rich in color, bright and beautiful, fashionable and environmentally friendly, versatile, beautiful and generous, with diverse patterns and styles, and are light, environmentally friendly, and recyclable. They are internationally recognized as environmentally friendly products that protect the earth's ecology. Suitable for agricultural film, shoemaking, tanning, mattresses, quilt, decoration, chemical, printing, automobile, building materials, furniture and other industries, as well as clothing interlining, medical and health disposable surgical gowns, masks, caps, bed sheets, hotels Disposable tablecloths, beauty, sauna and even today's fashionable gift bags, boutique bags, shopping bags, advertising bags and so on.

non woven fabrics

Spunbond non-woven fabrics are used for car covers. Carpets and ceilings are generally needle-punched non-woven fabrics and raised non-woven fabrics, and the filters are needle-punched non-woven fabrics.

Which parts of the car need non-woven fabric? Generally, high-end cars, such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, etc., use tufted carpets for the main forming carpets. The tufted carpets will use spunbonded non-woven fabrics, and sometimes they will also use reinforced bottom In the case of cloth and ceiling, a reinforced second base cloth is also used. Needle-punched non-woven fabrics are generally used in middle and low-end cars. Japanese cars generally use needle punched non-woven fabrics more because of low cost. In addition, the reinforcement in the back of the seat is also made of spunbonded non-woven fabric.

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