• D Cut Non Woven Bag
  • D Cut Non Woven Bag
  • D Cut Non Woven Bag
  • D Cut Non Woven Bag
  • D Cut Non Woven Bag

D-type non-woven bags support color, specification, pattern customization, we will provide samples for customers free of charge.

Product Information:

NameD cut non woven bag
Stylebottomless and sideless
Materialnon-woven fabric
Thicknesscustomized according to customer requirements
Specificationsaccording to customer requirements
Product featuresnew material and high-quality bare cloth, use health and rest assured

non woven bag


1. Portable details

D cut non woven bag with portable reinforcement, strong bearing capacity, large capacity, and easy to use when going out.

non woven fabric bag

2. Hot pressing process

The hot-pressing molding process is used to make d cut non woven bags, which are formed by high-temperature hot-pressing, which is exquisite and beautiful.

non woven shopping bag

3. More details

Details determine the success or failure of a product, and every place is carefully designed and produced.

non woven bag

D cut non woven bag color selection:

non woven fabric bag

D cut non woven bag customization process:

1. Through the website contact information or direct message, the two parties get in touch;

2. We will arrange professional salesmen to provide one-to-one service with you;

3. Determine the specifications, quantity, size and other information of the D cut non woven bag, and confirm the pattern design and printing problems;

4. When the customer places an order, our staff arranges the workshop to schedule production;

5. After the production is completed, the product quality inspection will be carried out, and the shipment will be arranged after confirmation.

Our company will prepare free samples for customers to better confirm the product and

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