• Non Woven Tote Bag
  • Non Woven Tote Bag
  • Non Woven Tote Bag
  • Non Woven Tote Bag
  • Non Woven Tote Bag

Non woven tote bags can be customized with different styles, specifications and colors. They are a good means of corporate publicity. Welcome to leave a message for consultation.

Product Information:

NameNon woven tote bag
Materialnon woven fabric
Gram weight40-120gsm, customized according to load-bearing requirements
Specificationshorizontal version, vertical version, the size can be customized
Colorvarious colors can be customized
Printing processscreen printing, thermal transfer printing, color printing lamination
Portable craftsmanshipPortable embossing can be customized, can be divided into sewing, heat sealing and fork reinforcement
Stylebottom with test, bottom without side, bottom without side, horizontal and vertical versions of various styles


1. The non woven tote bag is made of new non-woven material. The material is soft, non-toxic and harmless, and can be naturally degraded, which is in line with the current environmental protection concept.

2. When sewing non woven tote bags, the sewing process or ultrasonic heat sealing process can be used. According to customer requirements, when sewing non woven tote bags, the appropriate process will be selected for sewing.

3. The handle of the non woven tote bag will be reinforced to maximize the load-bearing capacity of the bag and increase its service life.

4. Since the non-woven fabric itself has water repellency, the non woven tote bag made of it also has a certain water repellency, but if you pursue better water repellency, you can coat the surface of the non-woven handbag. This further enhances the water resistance and sturdiness of the bag.

5. Non woven tote bags can be printed with logos or patterns on the surface of the bag through screen printing, thermal transfer, color printing and lamination to play a promotional role. And well-made non-woven handbags will be used by many people to hold things when they go out, which increases the publicity effect of the company.

Production processes:

1. Confirm the layout, specification, material and process of the non woven tote bag;

2. If it is a blank non woven tote bag, the process is on-machine cutting + hand-carrying + bag-making + forming + packaging. If there is printing, the printing process should be carried out before the machine.

non woven bag

Custom process:

1. Contact customer service or leave a message for consultation, provide specifications and needs of non woven tote bags, and understand the quotation;

2. Determine the quantity and quotation of non woven tote bags, communicate and determine the design details;

3. After confirming the final design draft and paying the deposit in advance (generally 30% of the full payment), confirm the plate making;

4. After the plate making is completed, arrange mass production and finalize the production cycle;

5. After the production of non woven tote bags is completed and the quality inspection is qualified, the balance of the relevant goods will be settled and the goods will be shipped immediately.

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