• Potato Planting Bucket
  • Potato Planting Bucket
  • Potato Planting Bucket
  • Potato Planting Bucket
  • Potato Planting Bucket

Potato planting buckets have good ventilation and water permeability, various styles, customizable colors, high cost performance, and a wide range of uses. Welcome to inquire~

Product information:

NamePotato planting bucket
Colorcamel, green, black, etc.
Thicknessconventionally 3mm, customizable thickness
Size30*35cm, 35*35cm, 35*45cm, can be customized
Suitable for plantingpotatoes, radishes, onions, ginger, garlic, peanuts, taro, water bamboo, etc.
Featuresstrong water absorption, beautiful appearance, not easy to deform, large capacity.


1. The potato planting bucket is made of high-quality non-woven felt. There are handles on both sides of the potato planting bucket mouth, which is convenient to re-adjust the position. It has good three-dimensionality and provides good support for seedlings. Entering the root system, water permeation and ventilation are conducive to plant growth.

2. The bottom and sides of the potato planting bucket are designed with ventilation holes, which can improve its breathability and provide better drainage and air flow for the plants. Potato planting buckets have good water absorption and corrosion resistance, which can effectively ensure the ventilation and moisture of the roots, and promote plant growth.

3. Potato planting buckets are made of breathable non-woven felt. The materials we produce potato planting buckets meet environmental standards, are degradable, environmentally friendly and reusable.

4. Potato planting buckets are widely used. In addition to potato planting on the surface, they can also be used to grow carrots, onions, fruits, etc. Whether indoor or outdoor planting, potato planting buckets are a good choice. In addition, when the potato planting bucket is purchased and it is not used for planting, it can be used for storage, suitable for storing fruits and vegetables.

Felt Planting Bucket

Product details:

1. When the potato planting bucket is sewn, the sewing process is used. The sewing thread is strong and fine, the stitches are evenly distributed, and it is strong and durable.

2. The potato planting bucket can be equipped with a visual window in the middle of the barrel, and the Velcro design is used near the window, so that you can keep an eye on the development of the plant root system at any time.

3. A double-ear handle is installed on the top of the potato planting bucket, which is convenient to move at any time.

Felt Grow Bag

Potato Grow Bag

Felt Planting Bucket

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