• W Cut Non Woven Bag
  • W Cut Non Woven Bag
  • W Cut Non Woven Bag
  • W Cut Non Woven Bag
  • W Cut Non Woven Bag

The w cut non woven bag can be customized in color and specification, reusable, non-toxic and non-irritating, and cost-effective.

Product Information:

Namew cut non woven bag
Materialnon-woven fabric
Colorcustomized according to customer requirements
Size25*45*12cm, 30*50*14cm, 35*60*16cm, etc. Products can be customized according to customer requirements
Processing customizationprinting logo, two-dimensional code, advertising slogan, group, etc. can be added.
Product use

suitable for storage of takeaways, clothing, vegetables, daily ne

cessities, drinks, books, documents, etc.

non woven bag


1. W cut non woven bags can be made of non woven fabrics of various materials. According to customer load-bearing requirements, non-woven fabrics of different gram weights can be selected for production. It is non-irritating, does not produce harmful substances, does not pollute the environment, and can be naturally degraded.

2. The edge of the w cut non woven bag is neatly punched, the seam is flat, the crease is clear, the details of the bag are taken care of, and the quality is emphasized.

3. The hand-carrying part of the w cut non woven bag is widened, and the hand is not restrained when lifting heavy objects. The widening design also increases the force-bearing area of the bag, increases the bearing capacity of the non-woven bag, and is durable.

4. The production of w cut non woven bags adopts ultrasonic heat sealing technology to connect, double-layer seaming, further increase the load-bearing capacity of the bag and increase the service life.

Product customization process:

1. Get in touch with both parties through the website message or contact information;

2. To determine the product specifications, we will prepare free samples for customers, which can be obtained as long as the customer pays the freight;

3. After both parties confirm the contract, make payment and place an order, our company will arrange production;

4. After the production of the product is completed, the product quality inspection is carried out and the product is shipped.

W cut non woven bag color display:

non woven bag w cut

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